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Pre- & Post- Nuptial Agreements

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“Pre-nup” is a taboo word in our society.  Most people assume that if a pre-nup is discussed, it’s only a matter of time before the marriage ends.  However, ask any family law attorney, and they will almost universally recommend that all of their clients obtain a pre-nup before getting married.  The reason for this is that it makes the potential divorce process significantly easier to traverse.


Pre- (or Post-) nuptial agreements basically spell out what will happen if the marriage does not work out, not when the marriage ends.  Think of it as a term life insurance policy for your marriage: neither party wants it to happen, but protections are in place in case the worst case scenario occurs.  The spouses do not have to wonder about being “left out in the cold” if a divorce occurs - they will know ahead of time exactly what they will walk away with.

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