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Juvenile Delinquency


It is every parent's desire to see their children grow to be successful, productive members of society.  However, there are times when kids make mistakes and find themselves in the criminal court system. 


The juvenile delinquency system can be a confusing and frustrating place, with different rules and procedures that are foreign to most people, including attorneys who practice law in adult criminal courts.  For example, what if your child has been charged with a "strike" offense?  Is it even possible for a juvenile to be charged with a strike?  Has the District Attorney or juvenile probation officer threatened to remove your child from your home? Is your child facing custody time?  Is your child facing the possibility of being charged in adult court?  What are the various disposition options available to juvenile offenders?  Will your child be able to go to college or find a decent job in the future if he or she has a juvenile criminal record?  These are just some of the issues facing kids and their parents in the juvenile delinquency system. 


Children (and their parents) often lack the sophistication and knowledge to navigate through the maze of procedures and laws that make up the juvenile criminal court system.  Juveniles charged with crimes, as well as their parents, need attorneys experienced in juvenile criminal law and procedure.  Our attorneys advise and assist our clients on juvenile delinquency issues ranging from arrest to adjudication, as well as the long term consequences of juvenile delinquency proceedings on future employment and education.  Our attorneys are experienced in juvenile law and procedure and will help you and your family through what can be a difficult and confusing process.


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