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A divorce is not something anyone ever expects or plans for.  It is often one of the most difficult experiences someone will go through.  Emotions play a huge part in any divorce - anger, betrayal, guilt, bitterness and jealousy are several of the emotions that people feel when the end of their marriage is imminent.  These emotions often cloud a person’s best judgment when it comes to resolving the divorce efficiently.  Experienced attorneys can help bridge the gap between listening to the client’s needs and assisting them in successfully completing the divorce.


During the dissolution of your marriage, you will be establishing rules that will govern your life and the lives of your children for several years to come.  California is a “no-fault” state, meaning that a couple can file for divorce for the simple reason of “irreconcilable differences.”  Under California Community Property law, all the marital assets will be divided evenly, in the absence a pre- or post- nuptial agreement.


At Le, Clark & Ho, LLP, our family law attorneys can assist you through this most troubling time with compassion and the knowledge that comes with over twenty years of combined experience. If you have been served with a Petition for Dissolution or are considering divorce, contact us today to ensure that your interests are protected to the fullest extent of the law!


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