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If and when two parents are no longer in a relationship, and a child spends more time with one parent, the other parent may have to provide child support to assist in paying for expenses for the child, including, but not limited to: food, clothing, shelter, medical insurance, and education.  

Child support is determined by strict guidelines set by the Courts.  The Courts rarely deviate from the formulas, but an experienced attorney can sometimes convince the Courts to make an exception.  


Some of the factors in allowing for an exception:

  • Is there a hardship?
  • Child support for other children?
  • Custody timeshare between the parents?
  • Union dues/pensions?
  • Job-related expenses?


Amendments to child support orders can be granted if the supporting parent encounters a change in their financial situation, such as unemployment, medical emergencies or remarriage.


Child Support Enforcement: Use the power of the court to assist in getting the other parent to meet their child support obligations.  Attorney’s fees are mandatorily awarded to the party who needs to enforce the child support order.


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