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Of all the important issues broached during a separation, oftentimes, the most challenging issue to settle is that of child custody.  Whether it is for personal reasons, fear of the other person’s parenting skills or the child’s wishes, the majority of divorces involving minor children will involve a fight over child custody.


In a perfect world, parents would always look out for their children and do what is best for them - first and foremost.  However, during the end of a relationship, emotions often cloud a person’s better judgment and they will use their children to “get back” at the other parent, leaving the child in the middle of their parents’ struggle.


The Orange County & Riverside County family law attorneys at Le, Clark & Ho, LLP, can help explain the difference between the two types of custody: Legal and Physical.

  • Legal: Legal custody gives decision-making rights to one or both parent(s).  Unless there are special circumstances, most parents will receive joint legal custody of their children, meaning all major decisions, such as education and medical, must be made jointly between the parents.
  • Physical: Physical custody determines where the child spends his/her time. Unless the parents live within minutes of each other, it is almost impossible for a true 50-50 time split for the parents.  The parent who spends less time with the child may be responsible for child support.


At Le, Clark & Ho, LLP, we are committed to using our experience to fight for the custody rights that you want for you and your children.  If you have questions about how a divorce would affect your children or if you have a child outside of marriage and are worried about your rights, contact us today to ensure that your parental interests are protected to the fullest extent of the law!


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